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Hydromat St. Louis Certified EPIC-machine Rebuilders

Rebuild & Retool - Legacy Machines

Hydromat RE specializes in the refurbishing, re-tooling, and selling of Legacy Hydromat Rotary Transfer machines. Hydromat RE is the exclusive rebuilder of Legacy style machines for Hydromat.

What is a Legacy Style Machine?

Legacy style machines are the original hydraulically controlled machines (non-CNC) that Hydromat Inc. started to import and assemble during the 1970s. Many are still in service and still generate millions of cycles.

Hydromat RE capabilities:

  • New legacy parts at competitive prices
  • Used and/or reconditioned Hydromat Legacy parts & equipment 
  • Inventory of used Legacy machines
  • Component repair and test services
  • In field machine inspection services
  • Competitive Durable tooling packages
  • Full turnkey capabilities
  • Full OEM support and expertise
  • OEM documentation
  • EPIC RS additions to Legacy machines

Hydromat-RE has two facilities: Cuyahoga Falls, OH, and O'Fallon, Missouri.

Visit Hydromat-RE's website.

Ready to Rebuild or Re-configure your Legacy Machine?

Contact the Hydromat RE sales department at:

(330) 564-8860

After tear-down and cleaning - rebuild begins
Machine arrival caked with dirt and grease.
Almost complete - fine tuning.
Mid-process: parts stripped and cleaned.
Spindles ready to go into place
Hydromat Legacy machine rebuild is nearing completion.