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Hydromat Inline Standard 8 Machine

The Inline Standard-8 transfer machine is a modular system consisting of up to 16 horizontal and 7 vertical tool spindle units rigidly mounted on a precision cast iron frame. This modular machine has the capability of providing tremendous versatility and flexibility in a turn-key machining system.

With 1" capacity the Inline machine is well suited for the manufacturing of parts between 8" and 22" in length from bar stock or blanks.

Consistent, high productivity, and precise machining, combined with the elimination of costly secondary operations make the Inline machine an outstanding solution for cost effective manufacturing.


  • Eliminates secondary options
  • Reduces work in process
  • No cams or limit switches
  • Independent infinitely variable feed rate control for each station
  • Non-rotating bar stock provides quiet, vibration-free operation
  • Enclosed, easily accessible tooling area
  • Modular toolspindle system with quick-change pre-settable heads for easy changeover
  • Coolant and chips contained in tooling area away from motors and controls
  • Extremely short bar remnants and thin cutoff provides significant material savings
  • All operating controls and machine adjustments readily accessible and easy to use
  • Precision part locating provides consistency and accuracy to ensure quality parts with SPC to 2.0 CpK in some instances
  • Easily adapted vertical flanges provide flexible application of cross drilling, milling or other vertical machining requirements

Technical Specification Table

Max Stock Size  
Rnd Hex Sq Hor. Station Vert. Station Weight LBS Machine Power
1 3/4" 1 1/2" 1 1/4" 16 7 20,000 60HP (Avg)