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EPIC HF FANUC Indexing Chuck Rotary Transfer Machine

The Hydromat EPIC HF FANUC line of rotary transfer machines can be equipped with collets or chucks for precision metal cutting. This exceptional design is a modular system consisting of horizontal and vertical toolspindles mounted around a precision cast base.The EPIC HF machines possess all of the general characteristics of the more conventional Hydromat machines and maintains the integrity, reliability and flexibility of its predecessors. Applying CNC technology to the manufacture of precision parts is generally accepted as a premium that one must pay for the advantages over conventional actuation systems.

All machines use the FANUC 30i-B as a controller option. A control known, used, and trusted industry-wide by many best-in-class machine manufacturers.

The EPIC HF Indexing Chuck machine combines precision chucks with the indexing accuracy and reliability of the Hirth ring. Available in 12 or 16 station models, the Indexing Chuck machine is fully integrated into the Hydromat program, so the same modular components used with Hydromat’s popular EPIC R/T models are compatible with the EPIC HF Indexing Chuck models.


  • Fanuc G-code programming – most widely-used control language in the world.
  • Uses standard, affordable induction motors for most common operations.
  • Hydromat HMI software provides max. ease-of-use & reliability.
  • Vector spindle drives located in air-conditioned electrical cabinet.
  • Keyboard attached to pendant, doesn’t need charging.
  • No plugs on command or feedback cables - Mil-Spec. connectors.
  • No valve programming.
  • No junction boxes attached to spindle.


  • Enhanced functionality and superior performance extends the potential of machine capabilities into the future.
  • CNC enhancements can be adopted over time, either by learning on the CNC or by using FANUC’s realistic and efficient NCGuide CNC simulator.
  • Custom Macro extends the standard programming language to include the features of an easy-to-use, yet powerful computer programming language.
  • Familiar folder tree-view is similar to that used on PCs, making it easy to visualize the structure.
  • Simple menu-driven conversational programming screens eliminate the tedium and error-prone process of generating the same multiple blocks of G-code.
  • MANUAL GUIDE i is supported by NCGuide and NCGuidePro.

Technical Specification Table


Max Stock Size  
Blank Round Length Hor. Station Vert. Station Index Time Weight LBS Machine Power Size Unit Options
4" Cube 1 3/4" 8" 12 6 1.2 sec 18,500 53HP (Avg) EPIC 26/80
EPIC 36/100
EPIC 46/120
EPIC 50/100


Max Stock Size  
Blank Round Length Hor. Station Vert. Station Index Time Weight LBS Machine Power Size Unit
3" Cube 1 3/4" 6" 16 8 1.0 sec 20,000 66HP (Avg) EPIC 26/80
EPIC 36/100
EPIC 46/120
EPIC 50/100