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Customer Service Focused on Total Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to after installation support and customer service, Hydromat is second to none. Whether you are calling for technical support, ordering parts, or getting a quote on a rebuild; the Hydromat Service Team has the answer. To help you with your parts needs, our expert customer service associates will get you the replacement components you need to get your machines back up and running as soon as possible.

On our staff we have a team of dedicated support technicians to take your phone calls during business hours, as well as a 24/7 system should you need assistance day or night.

At Hydromat, we are dedicated to after sales support. Total Customer Satisfaction is not just a phrase for us at Hydromat; it’s a way of life.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Department at Hydromat is crucial to our success. Every component we produce is engineered for perfection and measured for every angle, surface, and statistic imaginable. Our Quality specialists are involved in the building process from the beginning. They work with engineers to ensure that each part we produce will surpass the required tolerances.

Once the part has successfully passed our stringent standards, the Quality Team and setup Technician work together to review the entire process to ensure each component is produced with the fastest cycle time possible.

At Hydromat, we collect and catalog data on every machine, process, and part produced. It’s our underlying goal to achieve excellence in every aspect of the manufacturing business and with the help of the Quality Assurance Team, we are always improving our process.

Another aspect of the data collected by Quality Systems is for future technical reference. Should you ever need service via the phone from our COP team or a service technician dispatched to your site, we will have all the necessary data available at our finger tips to get your Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machine back up and running in the shortest period of time possible.

Machine Support: To Serve and Protect

Warranty & Paid Service •Technical Support & Field Service• 24/7 Machine Support • Dedicated Staff of Experienced Technicians

Are you having issues with your machine and need help? Call the Hydromat COP (Customer Operations Partner) team and talk to one of our experienced service experts. With over 40+ years of Hydromat experience, there isn’t a problem this knowledgeable staff hasn’t seen and resolved.

During standard business hours call 314.810.3856

After-Hours & Weekend Support

For emergency after-hours and weekend technical support, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Machine Health Checks

Efficiency Studies • Machine Performance Evaluation • Recommended Training

We understand the importance placed on your Hydromat machine when it comes to the health of your business. To keep machine downtime to a minimum Hydromat Customer Service has added Health Checks to their list of services. Hydromat Machine Health Checks focus on evaluating the machine to decrease cycle times, improve efficiency, and overall fully utilizing your Hydromat machine.

Machine Training Programs

Hydromat Operations & Maintenance Training • Custom Training Programs • Transferring the Knowledge

Hydromat offers a wide variety of training programs. Training programs range from topics such as basic foundations of the Hydromat to Custom Training Programs specific to your organization's training requirements.

HSL Direct: Hydromat and ICON Technologies Parts

HSL Direct is Hydromat’s Parts Department & Replacement Parts Supplier. HSL Direct carries a large inventory of replacement machine parts for your Hydromat EPIC, Hydromat Legacy, and ICON Technologies machines.

  • Bar Feeder Accessories
  • Bearings
  • Hoses
  • Chucks
  • Electrical
  • Filters
  • Table
  • Units
  • Fittings
  • Flanges
  • Chip Conveyor Accessories
  • Hydromat Valves
  • Motors
  • Power Pack Accessories
  • Toolheads 
  • Presetter Accessories
  • Pulleys
  • Pumps
  • Sealkits
  • Seals and O-Rings
  • Spare Parts
  • Tools