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Hydromat Genesis Rotary Transfer Machine image

The Genesis is a 12 Station Core Machine of all new components that will kick start getting your machine in production with no worries. Add your own toolspindle units, collets and tooling, or contact the Hydromat Customer Service Department for all the parts you need to complete the project.

The Genesis offers the classic Hydromat Rotary Transfer configuration in a newly manufactured machine. A new machine that has a proven history of accuracy and durability built right in.

Genesis Features

  • Embedded Motion Control Technology (EMC) providing full CNC programming capabilities
  • Supports lean manufacturing principals
  • Quick, easy changeovers - typically 1-3 hours
  • Competitive manufacturing at small, medium and large production quantities
  • Easy, centralized programming
  • EMC Technology - simplifies components and wiring, reducing potential failures
  • Integrated modem connection provides fast problem-solving

Hydromat Advantages Over Conventional Machining

  • Eliminates secondary operations
  • Extremely short remnants and thin cutoff for significant material saving
  • Reduces work in progress
  • Increased productivity due to bar change and quick changeover capabilities
  • Non-rotating bar stock provides quiet vibration free operation
  • Modular tool spindles with quick-change presettable heads for easy changeovers
  • Easily adapted for vertical machining requirements - up to 6 stations
  • Easily accessible operating controls and machine adjustments
  • Coolant and chips contained in the tooling area away from motors and controls
  • Precision table indexing and repeatability ensures accuracy with SPC to 2.0 CpK
  • Inverting unit repositions part for complete end to end machining

Technical Specification Table

Max Stock Size  
Rnd Hex Sq Hor. Station Vert. Station Weight LBS Machine Power Unit Size Options
1 3/4" 1 1/2" 1 1/4" 12 6 15,000 60HP (Avg) EPIC 26/80
EPIC 31/100
EPIC 46/120
EPIC 50/100