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EPIC HS 16 Indexing Chuck

Product Image

Hydromat EPIC HS 16 Indexing Chuck Rotary Transfer Machine image

The EPIC R/T HS Indexing Chuck multi-spindle rotary transfer machine combines precision chucks with the indexing accuracy and reliability of the Hirth ring.

Available in 12 or 16 station models, the HS is fully integrated into the Hydromat program, so the same modular components used with Hydromat’s popular EPIC R/T models are compatible with the EPIC R/T HS.

This system is ideal for the mid to high-volume, precision production of irregular-shaped castings or forgings and is designed with the flexibility to easily accommodate families of parts.


  • Available in 12 or 16 station models
  • Full CNC using Embedded Motion Control Technology (EMC)
  • Handles blanks up to a 4" cube
  • Extreme accuracy and reliability of a Hirth ring
  • Several different unit sizes available
  • Coolant Chiller optional
  • Multiple Loading and Chip Systems options
  • Plug & play EPIC programming for on the fly changes
  • Every machine sold is individually engineered for optimal cycle time

EPIC R/T Features

  • Embedded Motion Control (EMC) full CNC programming capabilities
  • Supports lean manufacturing principals
  • Quick, easy, changeovers - typically 1-3 hours
  • Competitive manufacturing for small, medium, and large production
  • Easy, centralized programming
  • EMC Technology - simplifies components and wiring
  • Integrated modem connections provide fast problem solving

Additional Machine Set-Up Options

  • Loading Options
  • Chip Systems
  • Units
  • Coolant Chiller
  • Tooling

Technical Specification Table


Max Stock Size  
Blank Round Length Hor. Station Vert. Station Index Time Weight LBS Machine Power Size Unit
4" Cube 1 3/4" 8" 16 8 1.0 20,000 66HP (Avg) 20/80