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Trunnion V8 & V12

Product Image

Hydromat Trunnion V8 & V12 Machine image

The Hydromat CNC Trunnion multi-spindle rotary transfer machines come in two models; the V8 and V12. These models can be configured with either a Fanuc control, or the EPIC CNC control featuring plug-and-play tool spindles for greater flexibility. These modular machines provide tremendous versatility and flexibility in a turnkey machining system.

Hydromat Trunnion machines are well suited for the manufacturing of small casting applications, irregularly-extruded bar stock parts and shafts from 1/2” to 12” in length.

Consistent, high productivity and precise machining, combined with the elimination of costly secondary operations make the Trunnion machines an outstanding solution for cost effective manufacturing.


  • Up to 12 horizontal & 6 machining stations
  • Full CNC using Embedded Motion Control Technology (EMC)
  • Handles up to 45mm diameters in square, round or hex bar stock
  • Several different unit sizes available
  • Coolant chiller optional
  • Multiple loading and chip system options
  • Plug & Play EPIC programming for on the fly changes

Hydromat Advantages Over Conventional Machining

  • Eliminates secondary operations
  • Extremely short remnants and thin cutoff for significant material saving
  • Reduces work in progress
  • Increased productivity due to bar change and quick changeover capabilities
  • Non-rotating bar stock provides quiet vibration free operation
  • Modular tool spindles with quick-change presettable heads for easy changeovers
  • Easily adapted for vertical machining requirements - up to 6 stations
  • Easily accessible operating controls and machine adjustments
  • Coolant and chips contained in the tooling area away from motors and controls
  • Precision table indexing and repeatability ensures accuracy with SPC to 2.0 CpK
  • Inverting unit repositions part for complete end to end machining

Technical Specification Table

Max Stock Size  
Blank Rnd Length Hor. Station Vert. Station Index Time Weight LBS Machine Power Unit Size Options
4" Cube 1 3/4" 8" 12 6 1.2 sec 18,500 53HP (Avg) 20/80