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Support Contacts

  • Technical Support: 314.810.3856
  • Rebuilds: 314.810.3908
  • Parts Order: 314.810.3994

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Machine Documentation

Hydromat provides a full compliment of machine documentation with new machine sales. Along with all the necessary machine manuals and documentation we provide you with toolhead and spare parts catalogs, electrical schematics and program printouts, as well as, a set-up and cutting tool handbook.

A wide range of product literate provides easily accesible documentation for reference and troubleshooting. For more information on our printed resources contact Customer Service at 314.810.3856.

Technical Support

Technical Support Personnel have complete access to all assembly drawings and historical data for every Hydromat machine built.

For additional questions, feel free to contact the COP (Customer Operations Partners) Team at 314.810.3856.