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Transferring The Knowledge

“Transferring the Knowledge” is the Hydromat interactive cd training course for Rotary Transfer machines. The cd set is a step-by-step program designed to familiarize you with machine set-up and operation, allowing you to work at your own pace.

Some of the topics covered in the set are: machine operating safety, installing control valves, moving the inverting unit, loading & cutoff, recess and recess turning, troubleshooting, and more. Once the CD training series is complete you will have the base knowledge for Hydromat set-up and operation.

This interactive series is meant for use as a beginner training course. The Hydromat Technical Training course has a prerequisite of finishing this CD series or years of Hydromat experience. Upone completion of this course, machinists should still work under experienced supervision for a period of time.

Please refer to your machine manual for machine-specific safety features and proper operation.

CD Training Benefits

-Enhance your working knowledge of CNC Rotary Transfer machines

-Raise your companies’ overall standard for productivity, quality, and safety

-Learn the tasks needed as a setup operator

-Work at your own pace

-Utilize step-by-step instruction

-Glossary & Help section for reference


For more information or to order, contact customer service at 314.432.4644